About Us

Born and brought up in Bombay, Sangeeta and Ricki met on their first production job right out of college. They fell in love with advertising (and each other), got married and eventually started Picture Perfect in 1997.

Both die-hard perfectionists, their commitment to flawless execution and transparency has made them the natural choice for international projects with multiple celebrities, complex breakdowns and tight delivery schedules.

Picture Perfect’s balance of professional expertise with a personalized, warm approach has made them the most reliable ‘go-to’ production house in India.

Producer Ricki Kapoor

While on summer break from law school, Ricki took up an internship working in production. He never looked back!

After directing over 300 commercials, Ricki decided to make the transition to executive producer. His strong filmic background has contributed to his hands-on approach, overseeing the smallest creative details to ensure his directors are able to make the best ad films possible.

In the rare moments he isn’t working, you can probably find him playing golf
Note: He’s very proud of his single digit handicap. Just ask him!

Producer Sangeeta Kapoor

Passionate about movies since childhood, it came as no surprise to anyone, except her astonished family, that Sangeeta chose a career in production and even married a Kapoor boy.

A producer to the core, Sangeeta is obsessed with pulling off a truly perfect production every single time. A self-professed workaholic, her twenty-five years of industry experience coupled with her attention to detail and love for food, fun and feeding, have guided Picture Perfect through some of India’s biggest and most complex projects.

Sangeeta and Ricki, 1997